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    Battle Night 8/8

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    Battle Night 8/8

    Post by Sasami on Sat Aug 08, 2009 5:01 pm

    Here's what's planned for tonight:

    -Trivia Game (with prizes)

    -A Profile Pokemon Event

    -Tournament (decided by the players who are online at the time)

    -Safari Zone Swarm

    Even if you're not interested in actually battling, this will be a great time to chat with others on the Cbox or maybe have some Profile Pokemon matches.

    Tournament sign-ups will start at 8pm EST and that's when we'll decide what the tournament will be. The actual tournament will start by 9pm (but likely earlier). Also, we've been having OU singles tournaments over and over. Therefore, tonight you may NOT vote for OU singles. Vote for Doubles, UU, NU, Little Cup, Ubers, whatever...just not OU singles. If your only WiFi team is OU, consider voting for a Shoddy Battle tournament =).


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