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    Profile Pokemon Contests

    Post by Sasami on Sat Oct 03, 2009 12:24 am

    Since we're now in Hoenn for the Profile Pokemon Challenges, the Bug Catching Contests will soon be replaced with Profile Pokemon Contests (don't worry, it'll eventually cycle back to Johto!).

    I know it all looks complicated right now but don't worry, when we have our first contest (maybe this weekend?) I'll be around to help and answer questions. I've opened the forum so that you guys can read up on how they work. Feel free to berry blend or make Poffins in the meantime.

    Most likely we'll be having contests on a weekly basis and they will be open for a couple of days (to give people plenty of time to do their appeals).

    Also, this is all sort of a beta version right now. I might change how it works after a while if I notice something being broken or something.

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