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    Tragic Farewell


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    Tragic Farewell

    Post by Shine on Mon Oct 05, 2009 10:07 pm

    The Obituary

    Today, I bid a tragic farewell to the greatest teacher I've ever known... I only found out within this last hour.

    On September 22, 2009, Dr. John S. Davis passed away from cancer.

    Dr. Davis was a wonderful man... Under him, I first began to learn music and develop a real interest in singing in Middle School. He gave me such confidence and determination to improve, and that same attitude has lived with me since then, applied to all areas of my life. No teacher has been quite the same as Dr. Davis...

    He even taught my MOTHER how to play guitar when she was in High School, so I even have a PARENT that was taught by him, so at least she knows how I feel... Hell, I may be teary eyed, but mom's been bawling... I guess it's a guy thing... Keep strong for the women...? I dunno... I'll probably start bawling just as hard when mom heads to bed...


    Well, rest in peace, Dr. Davis... I'll miss you...

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