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    Looking for...

    Post by iskalla on Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:39 pm

    untouched pokemon that i can use for a tourney my friends and I are holding. I would hack them but my AR doesnt work for DSi. So if anyone has some good ones to clone/trade or trash (with good IV's, perfect doesnt really matter...) i would really appreciate it.

    What i REALLY want:

    Adamant Scyther w/ or w/o metal coat.
    Adamant Horsea w/ dragon scale if possible
    Adamant Beldum or a Speed favoring nature
    Rash Heatran
    any sp atk boosting nature that doesnt affect speed Zapdos.

    I would prefer if they werent hacked but i know the last 2 would be hard for that...

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