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    Picked up SS again


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    Picked up SS again

    Post by Shine on Thu Sep 02, 2010 12:13 am

    Howdy all. Just figured to prove I'm still alive, I'd make note that after a long while, I finally decided to pick back up on Pokemon SS.

    Well, it's been a while since I played, but I finally picked up my badges from Ecruteak, Olivine, Cianwood, and Mahogany Towns.

    Currently, my party consists of an Adamant Feraligatr nicknamed Narse, a Rash Sunflora nicknamed Sunny, a Jolly Ninjask nicknamed Temari, and a Hasty Furret nicknamed Slinkette.

    I actually traded Narse over to a friend for a bit so he could teach it Waterfall, cause I really don't want to put Surf on him... Also, how lucky was it that I managed to get an Adamant one? Honestly, I feel bad for letting it evolve to Feraligatr. I kinda wanted to keep him as a Croconaw, but it was the only way I could beat Jasmine that wouldn't take forever. Is it normal to feel guilty?

    Sunny was actually bred from a Sunkern and a Ditto I caught in National Park and the area beneath Goldenrod, respectively. The Sunkern I caught originally had sort of a crappy nature, so I decided to try and at least get a decent one. Rash works for me. Conveniently, of course, Sunny is male. I'm still looking for a Cher.

    Temari was bred from a Ninjask and Sunny's DittoDaddy that I had sitting around on my Diamond version. I traded that Ninjask to a friend from my Diamond version, who traded it back to my SS version right after. As soon as I got a Jolly Nincada, I taught it X-Scissor and began training it. Regrettably, my first Bug type, Terfle the Ledian, started to become much less useful around the time I had to battle Jasmine, so she got replaced. Poor Terfle... I feel so heartless.

    Slinkette, aside from Narse, is the oldest member of my team. A lot of people abandon their Furrets pretty early on, but I know better! An early Soothe Bell and Return are easily enough to keep Slinkette on my team for a long time! Granted, the Soothe Bell was recently replaced by a Silk Scarf... But no matter! Slinkette single-handedly destroyed Ecruteak Gym with Shadow Claw. U-Turn was also a nice addition, and Quick Attack has been useful since the start~

    All that's left now is to finish up the Radio Tower in Goldenrod and head over to Blackthorn to take out Blair... Or whatever her name is. I can't remember off the top of my head. That'll finish up the Johto gym leaders.

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