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    Battle tower!


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    Battle tower!

    Post by Nazil on Sat Sep 27, 2008 1:50 pm

    the battle tower focuses on ur weakness so i made a team which i think can cover each other and win more then a 100 wins in a row.


    252 atk and speed and 6 in def


    sand veil(not the best ability on this team)

    choice scarf

    earthquake(stab and good coverage)
    outrage(stab only steel resists)
    fire fang ( for foretress and brnozongs and skarmory)
    rock slide( better acc and pp against SE and mayb flinches)


    252 speed and 128 atk and sp atk

    naive or hasty


    life orb

    u turn(dark weakness and destorys focus sash)
    flamethrower(bug weakness)
    explosion(any sp def tank)

    only pokemons faster then azelf will b a problem

    Blissey( i don't have seismic toss)

    252 hp and def 6 sp def


    natural cure


    softboil( healing)
    armoatherpoy(heal her and team)
    toxic( stall and only steel resists)
    flamthrower( takes steel down)

    only heatran and curselax imo will b a problem and chomp got them both.

    plz help me if u think i should change items or anything ty.

    btw azelf will get great moves in platinum plz make a suggestion if i should change it so when platinum comes i out it is easier.

    for those who r lazy

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