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    120 Base Attack is WEIRD


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    120 Base Attack is WEIRD

    Post by Shine on Fri Dec 12, 2008 1:26 am

    120 Base Atk with an Adamant nature is weird.

    I'm trying to figure out the EVs for a Luxray build, but it's coming out all wonky.

    The minimum Atk for Adamant Luxray is 269, while the max is 372. That's a 103 point difference... BUT...

    ... 252 EVs only accounts for 63 points. Throw in 31 IVs and that's 94 points. Where did the other NINE points come from? Usually, to calculate EVs, I just subtract the number I wanna reach from the max possible based on nature, multiply the difference by four (the EVs I don't need), and then subtract that number from 252.

    Easy way to put it:

    I need 345 Atk for Luxray to 2HKO Mawile with Superpower 100% of the time (first hit with Intimidate drop and second with Intimidate and Superpower drops).

    372-345=27 (point difference)
    27 x 4=108 (EVs I DON'T need)
    252-108=144 (EVs it should take to hit 345 Atk with an Adamant nature)

    Okay, replug those EVs in.

    144/4=36 (how many points 144 EVs is worth)
    36+31= 67 (total between EVs and max IVs)
    67+269 (min. Atk with Adamant nature)= 336

    ... Wtf. That's obviously not 345, and I plugged in the SAME NUMBERS in the SAME STAT with the SAME CONDITIONS (max IVs, Adamant nature)

    If I do it the other way (269 [min. Atk] + 31 [max IVs] = 300, 345 - 300 = 45 [point difference between what's needed and what's there with no EVs and max IVs], 45 x 4 = 180 [EVs to hit 345 Atk])

    ... So, calculating EVs from max possible Atk with an Adamant nature and max IVs, you apparently need 144 EVs, whereas calculating it from the lowest possible Atk with an Adamant nature and max IVs you need 180 EVs...


    Thankfully, PokeSav is here to accurately tell me I need 152 EVs with 31 IVs and a supporting nature to hit 345 Atk. w00t.

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