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    Alice (for "Taken")

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    Alice (for "Taken")

    Post by Sasami on Sun Dec 14, 2008 2:11 am

    Full Name: Alice Hitchcock
    Age: 19
    Description: Average height with long, dark blonde hair and green eyes. She always dresses neatly and professional, even when it's not required.
    Gifted? No
    Personality and Attributes: Alice often seems to have a very outgoing and friendly personality, which hides her distrusting nature. She has trouble actually believing in people, and tends to think that everyone has a hidden motive. Alice has an analytical and brilliant mind, which is generally shadowed by the fact that she's a woman living in the early 1900's. She's quite independent, which has caused some problems in the past. However, she is law-abiding and generally well-behaved.
    History: Alice was born in a small town in New York and lived with her parents and "crazy" aunt for all of her childhood. Recently, she moved to New York City to attend a university. Her parents have pressured her to marry, but she hasn't shown any interest in romance.
    Role in Society: Student, fairly wealthy

    (this bio is in progress)

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