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    My Character(Kai)



    My Character(Kai)

    Post by Guest on Wed May 14, 2008 2:15 am

    Name:Heisho Kaiseris Aitoshea,(Nickame;Kai)

    Title:Legendary Trainer



    Starting pokemon
    :Torchic,Charmander,Shinx,Scyther,Growlith,Horsee(All fully evolved by current time)

    Appearance:Long spiky silver hair just past his waist covering
    left eye,red and gold blotched eyes,normal build,six ft. tall,black headband with knot to the left,black denim vest and jeans,ryu(dragon) kanji on back of vest, tribal mark tatoos all over his body,two katanas at his sides,fang sticking out of the left side of his mouth

    Home town:Dragonia Village,Sinnoh

    History:His village is regarded as a spiritual mecca.he was chosen to make a journey to purify all shadow pokemon

    Personality:Somewhat cold but kind and ready to defend his friends at any moment

    Any Extra info about your character:Changes headband emblem depending on type used

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